About MedLegal Disability

MedLegal Disability is a new collaboration of Lawyers and Doctors for the benefit of Social Security disability claimants.

As you may be aware a large number of people who initially apply for Social Security benefits are denied.  You may have already been denied yourself.  However you should not be discouraged.  85% of claimants who apply for social security disability benefits are initially denied.  The large majority of claimants who are denied and later lose at their hearings are rejected based on a lack of sufficient medical information and an incomplete medical evaluation.

Because of this we here at Medlegal disability realized that lawyers alone are not enough in helping our clients obtain the Social Security Disability benefits they so desperately need.  As a result the lawyers at the Law offices of Gilbert & Bourke have joined forces with doctors in all the fields of medicine that concern a disability that Social Security recognizes to review your medical records and provide expert analysis that will help us determine the best way to win your case.

Why Should You Choose Medlegal Disability?

1)    We have Doctor’s and Lawyers reviewing your Medical Records!

Even though traditionally Social Security Disability reputation has been done by lawyers you should understand that the determination of whether or not you are disabled will mainly be based on the medical records you provide to Social Security and the Administrative Law Judge.

Because of this lawyers alone do not have the expertise of a medical professional when viewing your medical records.  As a result we have teamed up with a number of medical doctors throughout the Coachella Valley to provide that expertise when a particular issue or medical condition is beyond our scope.  Your representation is not about our ego’s  it is about painting a picture for the administrative law judge to show them that your medical records conclusively show that you are unable to work.

2)    We Provide Our Clients with a great overall service

The large majority of those you may see advertising for the ability to represent you in your Social Security Disability claims are from large national firms that have satellite offices throughout the country.  Many of these firms are factories where “representatives” who are not licensed lawyers will meet you on the day of your hearing and give it their all based on what you have in your file.

MedLegal Disability consists of a firm of lawyers who represent clients and Doctors who review your medical records.  We have been located in the Coachella Valley for 37 years and are now have lawyers representation 3 generations of this family firm.  After calling Medlegal Disability you will meet with a lawyer who will explain their feelings of your case and what they would suggest needs to be accomplished.  From there your file will be reviewed by a licensed medical doctor for their expertise in your particular medical condition and will provide a report explaining to your attorney what the records are actually stating.

We have also brought on Retired Administrative Law Judge Jackie Drucker to help with your claim.  Judge Drucker has been working in Social Security since 1975 and spent many years behind the bench as an Administrative Law Judge.  Her expertise and knowledge of Social Security Disability law from a Judges perspective gives us a new insight into your claim and what we need to do to ensure you get benefits.

From there your lawyer will then prep you before your hearing and again prep you on the day of your hearing.  We are here to guide you through an invariably difficult process and get you the best results.

3)    We don’t get Paid Unless We Win!

Here at Medlegal Disability all Social Security cases are taken on a contingency basis.  This means that if we do not win you don’t have to pay us any fee!  In fact all Fees that we receive are paid by Social Security at the conclusion of the case out of your retroactive back benefits.