Answers for Riverside and San Bernardino Social Security disability claimants

More videos: Are You Likely to Qualify?, How to Be Persuasive at Your Social Security Disability Hearing, What Not to Do at Your Hearing, How to Describe Daily Activities, When You Have Physical Impairments and Mental LimitationsCan You Work Part-Time?, and How the Judge Determines Disability

MedLegal Disability is a new collaboration of Lawyers and Doctors for the benefit of Social Security disability claimants.

As you may be aware a large number of people who initially apply for Social Security benefits are denied.  You may have already been denied yourself.  However you should not be discouraged.  85% of claimants who apply for social security disability benefits are initially denied.  The large majority of claimants who are denied and later lose at their hearings are rejected based on a lack of sufficient medical information and an incomplete medical evaluation.

Riverside County and San Bernardino County California residents who are sick or injured and unable to work understandably have many questions about the Social Security disability evaluation process. What does it take to qualify? How do I apply? Why was my claim denied? How do I appeal? What will happen at my hearing?

We have created this 100-page website to answer those questions. Whether you are just thinking about applying, waiting for a decision, or have received a denial letter, you will find these articles and videos instructive.

Want to know if you might qualify for disability benefits in the Coachella Valley and High Desert?

  • Watch the “Are you likely to qualify” video above for an introduction to the disability determination rules.
  • Sign up for the e-mailed “Lessons on winning benefits” available in the upper right corner of this page. These offer instruction in brief easy-to-understand segments.
  • Check the Library section below entitled “Applying for disability benefits when you have . . . .” for information on how the Social Security Administration looks at your specific medical condition. It also includes valuable medical opinion forms for your doctor.

Was your application for Social Security disability benefits denied?

Want to know about what to expect at your Social Security disability hearing?

  • Our video, “How the Judge Determines Disability,” above explains what you and your disability attorney will need to prove at your hearing.
  • The articles in “Your Disability Hearing,” in our Library [below, right side], provide a look at the stage of the disability determination process where you are most likely to win.
  • Effective hearing testimony explains the importance of including details and specifics when testifying.

What is the most important information you need to know?

It’s simple. You must be persistent in seeking disability benefits. Two-thirds of applications are denied but more than half of the claimants who appeal are found disabled. So apply for disability if you believe you cannot work, and then appeal any denial. Do not be discouraged by rejection. Giving up without appealing is the biggest mistake Social Security disability applicants make.

If you want assistance with your Riverside County or San Bernardino County California Social Security disability claim, we can help with each step in the process from the application through the appeal.

What is our fee?

Almost all of our Palm Springs, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County Social Security disability clients prefer a contingent fee. A contingent fee means that we are paid only if you are awarded benefits.

Areas Served: We handle Social Security disability claims for claimants from Palm Springs and surrounding areas.