An ion implantation technique that implants two species into the same region of the material in order to improve the electrical properties of the doped region, typically to improve transistor performance. Material selection is subject to numerous uncertainties, including those associated with the design specification and material properties. Robust material selection requires a design specification which comprehensively defines the functional requirements and objectives of a product; however, the design specification is often incomplete or poorly defined. Furthermore, the dominant failure mode is a function of the materials used, and a design specification which is valid for one material type may not be valid for another material.

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The global spread of Coronavirus has so far not had any material impact on Novocure’s business, and the company has, in fact, reported a strong 39% revenue growth for the nine-month period ending September 2020. We hope this guide has helped you to understand the role of a technical writer.

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is a method for interconnecting semiconductor devices, such as IC chips and microelectromechanical systems , to external circuitry with solder bumps that have been deposited onto the chip pads. Any consumer display device, such as an LCD or AMOLED, with a planar surface, in contrast to the curved front of cathode ray tube displays. An ultra-clean enclosure mounted to the front of a semiconductor processing system that transfers wafers to and from the cleanroom environment petrochina stock and the interior of the system. An APC technique that uses process state models to deduce the occurrence and location of a fault condition and diagnose the cause of the fault. The rate at which material is removed during etch processing, typically expressed in Å/s or nm/s. An electrical conductor used to contact a nonmetallic part of a circuit (e.g., a semiconductor). Also referred to as electrochemical plating, electroplating, or electrodeposition.

Establishing national/regional/international standards is one way of preventing or overcoming Adidas stock price this problem. There are also two rather unsavoury technical details that must be considered.

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, and the final selection will generally be the result of several compromises between corrosion resistance and economic factors. Historically, carbon steel has been the most economical material for construction of long-distance, large diameter gas transmission pipelines. There is one more option that the flowchart does not show—moving forward with a suboptimum material. This means that the product element will not have the necessary performance or reliability, which reduces the likelihood of having a successful product. Thinking Creatively — Developing, designing, or creating new applications, ideas, relationships, systems, or products, including artistic contributions.

Not all of these important aspects may be clearly defined at first. Sometimes, your client might not even be sure of their own requirements!

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Practical experience and a writing portfolio will be just as useful to winning jobs or impressing employers. With your personal review complete, the document should be reviewed by others. The reviewer could be a peer, a supervisor, or a subject matter expert.

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Trend analysis is a technique used in technical analysis that attempts to predict future stock price movements based on recently observed trend data. It is a valuable title whether you are interested in making a career shift or adding this ability to your current role. Remember, any employee who can convey technical information at work is very valuable to a company. Professional associations signal a level of competence and offer a range of professional development and networking opportunities.

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Including definitions in technical writing help improve comprehension of the document. This video explains the three main types of definitions in technical documents and provides examples of how to write the definitions. From a marketing standpoint, it may contain pictures and colorful illustrations as well as entire sections describing the benefits that the product will deliver to the end user. For as long as technology exists and develops, technical writers will be in demand to help users operate products and software.

technical material meaning

A batch of wafers of identical characteristics that are processed at the same time. When a pixel transistor is turned off, the liquid crystal material rotates polarized light through HarleyDavidson stock price 90°, allowing it to pass through the second polarizer. A type of flat panel display that uses an array of backlit thin film transistors called a backplane to control each pixel.

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An insulating film often used for PMD and ILD applications typically deposted using SACVD or HDP-CVD. This technique allows capacitance can be increased without increasing the area on the wafer needed to form the capacitor. A TSV is a vertical electrical connection, or via, that passes completely through the substrate to pass electrical signals between stacked die. A MOSFET manufactured with thin film technology, used primarily in the manufacturing of active matrix LCDs. A type of LCD display that uses a thin-film transistor located at each pixel to directly drive the polarization of the liquid crystal, and thus control whether that pixel is on and off. Silicon is most commonly used for semiconductors and c-Si PV cells.

technical material meaning

In particular, damage engineering is used to control the depth to which dopants are diffused by adjusting ion dose rate, employing cryogenic implantation, and/or using co-implant species. A process for depositing thin films by exposing the substrate to one or more volatile precursors, which react and/or decompose on the substrate surface. A thin copper layer, usually deposited by physical vapor deposition, which acts as a wetting and nucleation layer for successful subsequent copper bulk film deposition by electrochemical plating. A feature on a chip that forms the electrical pathway between the first interconnect layer and the transistor. A category of thin-film solar cells that uses a cadmium-tellurium compound as the light-converting active layer. In a thin film PV module, relatively large conductive ribbons that collect power from individual solar cells. In ion implantation, a negatively charged electrode used to reflect slow-moving, positively-charged ions.

is the identification of one or more materials with properties that satisfy the functional requirements of a product, such as strength or stiffness. Furthermore, it is desirable, although not mandatory, that the materials optimise performance objectives, for example the minimisation of cost or environmental impact. Material selection is a multidisciplinary task which requires the interaction of numerous stakeholders, including product designers, material scientists, test engineers and end-users. Consequently, material selection problems are typically open-ended, with the preferred solution being subject to an ongoing trade-off between numerous constraints and objectives. It may surprise you to discover that the technical writing process can take just as much (or more!) time to plan and review than to write. The planning phase sets you up for success, and makes your writing time more effective. The review phase is essential to ensuring your document is technically accurate and audience accessible.

The choice of technology depends on several factors, including the tolerance of the device to withstand a certain temperature/time exposure at a particular point in the manufacturing sequence. Broadly speaking, devices can bear longer periods of exposure (30-90 seconds), also known as soak annealing, at high temperatures early in the manufacturing cycle. As the cycle progresses, temperatures must either be lowered or exposures significantly shortened if high temperatures are required. Spike annealing falls in the latter category and is used for source-drain implant activation and diffusion as well as high-k/metal gate fabrication. A technique used in ion implantation used to reduce channeling by intentionally amorphizing a region before dopant implantation, thus enabling a more uniform dopant profile to be attained. A pre-amorphization implant is typically done with an inert element such as Argon.

While the heart of a technical document is its text, the visual display should not be forgotten. Even the clearest instructions can be lost in a document that has poor visual representation. By going through this thoughtful planning process, the writing will be easier and more efficient. Now that you know your audience and their needs, keep in mind how the document itself services technical material meaning their needs. There can be a tendency for experts to craft a document that shows their depth of knowledge and to compile it in a way that is appealing for their own peer-group. It’s an easy mistake that ignores how the actual reader will use the document. In order to know who you are writing for, you have to gather as much information as possible about who will use the document.

  • MRP can also make the later stages of production, such as assembly and packaging, proceed more smoothly and predictably by removing most of the uncertainty over inventory and minimizing the time needed to manage it.
  • A component of an ion implanter that either moves the ion beam across the wafer, or moves the wafer through the ion beam.
  • I knew I couldn’t keep up, so I dropped the class and majored in English.
  • The most obvious are seat covers, safety belts and airbags but one can find textiles also for the sealing.
  • Technical support services usually provide users with help in solving some common problems rather than providing training on how to use the product.
  • Jargon should be avoided and only used when appropriate for specific audiences.

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