How can one nation that’s not an openly democratic authorities, occupy another that’s ? In the instance of the Six Day War, Israel was clearly acting in self-defense as it required actions to safeguard itself from the attack on its existence. There were hundreds of thousands of Arabs murdered and most of their cities were completely destroyed. And of course the large amounts of land which was leveled.

Can Israel be the worlds next Pearl Harbor? What will her role function in the World to come and just how long will she be able to stay on top of the sea and play chess with the Chinese and Russians? The issue of a military has become the discussion of the UN for quite some time now. Israel clearly has the most modern military in the world and they’re not likely to be pushed around anymore.

He is a Middle East advisor and adviser. Dr. Nayef is a fervent independence fighter and he also gives his message in this publication. He calls for the United States to arm the rebels in Syria that are combating with Cash Israel National News the Islamic State of Iraq.

Will the United States of America participate in another Middle Eastern civil war and try to help them eliminate the current regime? Could this cause yet another outburst of violence in the middle east ? If so, what comes next?

You decide. However one thing is for sure. We can tell the author is a devout Christian and he uses the story of Jesus from the Old Testament to instruct his readers a lesson about liberty and freedom. If only we Christians can write books similar to this. He is very enthusiastic about his faith and wants his readers to have a stand for what is right.

His site can be seen for more information and for a free book about the best way best to create a living as an entrepreneur. His whole name is Yusef Al-Rodhan plus he’s a PhD from Columbia University. He also served two years in the Peace Corp. and functioned together with the Clintons in the non-profit organization. The novel is chock full of information and self explanatory on how you can be successful.

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